About Mastogaf Spedition

Mastogaf Spedition company was founded in 2012. The main objects of activity are the internal and international transport of goods by trucks and transport mediation.
With our complete and complex services we offer varied solutions to all those in search of transport, namely: complete and partial transportation, oversized transport, ADR transport, transport of goods at controlled temperatures, sea transport, air transport as well as crane rental services that facilitate loading and unloading of any goods.
The company’s vision and the values that we have focused on since its foundation propelled Mastogaf Spedition to the top, as the first choice of those who are looking for transport services. We focus on customer needs every time, as proof we offer a wide range of services to satisfy any requirements.
Along with the diversity of services, also we guarantee safety, optimal conditions for every transport, delivery to any destination and also fast delivery and support for the tracking services.
We constantly develop specific transport and logistics solutions for various industries. We offer customized solutions for our clients, in order to provide an effective outcome, to reduce costs and to gain real benefits compared to other competitors in the market.
Contact us today to get more details or to find the perfect transport solution that perfectly applies to all your company’s needs.

Air freight transport

Because it gets your goods to the destination quickly.

Road freight

Beacause you need domestic and international transfer of goods.

Technical support

Because you need to monitor every delivery and you also need to be informed about its status.

Sea transport

Because you will obtain cost efficiency regarding transport.

Crane rental

Because you need to be sure that your cargo is loaded effectively.




We always find the most innovative solutions for you. Regardless of the specifics of transport – size, weight or delivery in a very short time – we identify those innovative solutions that will be able to meet your requirements. We approach innovative strategies and find solutions for any type of transport: road, sea, air, oversized, full container load, less container load or special containers.


Service quality is our primary goal. Regardless of the type of transport, the emergency of the delivery or any other special requirements, every time we guarantee the highest quality services. We bring constant improvements in our services in order to get maximum satisfaction from all customers.


We keep our promises every time! Any customer who chose our services can confirm the promptitude of delivery and also the fully safe transport conditions. The delivered goods, regardless of the type of transport, reach their destination in the established deadlines, in the best conditions.

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