Road freight transport

We offer efficient solutions for road transport of goods, both containerized and conventional (truck tarpaulin).

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Oversized transport

We offer transport for oversized goods – extra-heavy or having dimensions that do not fit into the standard ones.

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Naval shipping

Naval shipping services include transport in fully loaded containers (FCL), grouped goods (LCL) or in special containers (oversized naval shipping).

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Airline transport

With our airline transport services you make sure your goods arrive at the destination in the shortest time, safely and effectively.

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Quality services

Regardless the type of transport you choose, we guarantee quality services. Our experience and professionalism will offer you the best transport solutions.


We have extensive experience in road transport, oversized cargos delivery, naval and airline shipping.

Prompt delivery

We make sure that your goods are delivered in the required deadlines.

International transport

We make sure that your cargo will arrive safely to any international destination.

Customized solutions

We also offer customized transport and logistics solutions, suited to any needs you may have.

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Happy customers

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Our company values


We always find the most innovative solutions for you. Regardless of the specifics of transport – size, weight or delivery in a very short time – we identify those innovative solutions that will be able to meet your requirements. We approach innovative strategies and find solutions for any type of transport: road, sea, air, oversized, full container load, less container load or special containers.


Service quality is our primary goal. Regardless of the type of transport, the emergency of the delivery or any other special requirements, every time we guarantee the highest quality services. We bring constant improvements in our services in order to get maximum satisfaction from all customers.


We keep our promises every time! Any customer who chose our services can confirm the promptitude of delivery and also the fully safe transport conditions. The delivered goods, regardless of the type of transport, reach their destination in the established deadlines, in the best conditions.

We have a dedicated team that can offer uninterrupted services

Are you looking for a carrier that can guarantee secure delivery of oversized loads?
Do you need a well-thought logistics plan for various types of transports to domestic and international destinations?
Do you need to know all the time what’s the status of your cargo and how much more it will take until it reaches its destination? conditions are and how goods transported has to go to the destination?
The Mastogaf Spedition team can offer all these services, along with many advantages such as:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Extended netword
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy loading
  • Easy unloading
  • Secured cargos
  • Shipment reports
  • Prompt delivery
  • Technical support

Customer benefits

Intern and international transport

We provide transportation on domestic and international routes for any type of goods: exclusive or partial loads, temperature controlled shipments or loads that fall into the category of dangerous goods.

Full safety for each transport

Each transported cargo will receive travel insurance and effective anchoring regardless of size or tonnage. This way you will be sure that the shipment will reach it’s destination in the best conditions.

Competitive prices

We offer the most competitive prices on the domestic and international markets. You can convince yourself of this fact by requesting an offer.

Noticeably reduced delivery time

Our shipping department will ensure timely delivery of all the transported goods. Our experts will identify the best transport solution and also the best route for the delivery to be made in the shortest time.

Continuous monitoring

You will be permanently informed about the status of your cargo transport. Our company’s fleet is permanently monitored by GPS systems that will help you locate your goods immediately.

Easy loading

For loading and unloading in the best conditions for all cargos (including oversized), we provide crane rental services. These guarantee efficient operations of loading/unloading for cargos from 10 to 250 tons.