Oversized transport services at the highest safety standards

When goods or objects transported do not fit into standard size or weight limits relating to road transport, we offer the perfect solution: oversized transport services.
Regardless of the type of cargo, the experts at Mastogaf Spedition will offer the perfect solutions: they will identify the suitable route, the ideal truck and the best possible conditions in order for the cargo to reach the destination safely.

What types of oversized transports are available at Mastogaf Spedition?

Oversized transport involves a high degree of reliability and accuracy. With the help of certified personnel and the most modern and efficient transport equipment, each load will be transported to any destination in optimal conditions.
The types of heavy oversized transport we can provide are:

  • Transport of agricultural equipment
  • Transport of construction equipment
  • Transport of industrial machinery
  • Transport of metal structures
  • Transport of wind turbines
  • Transport of tanks
  • Transport of bulldozers
  • Transport of transformers/generators
  • Transport of tractors/combines etc.